Digital communication. How to convert online when people bounce after 5 seconds? How to sell online? How to get traffic online? How to build a digital solution that works? Contact ilsoe media v. Rasmus Toft Ilsø
Online konsulent, digital specialist, project manager. TDC, TELMORE, G4S, GREENPEACE, DR. ilsoe media v. Rasmus Toft Ilsø
Experienced in Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Sociale medier, CMS and much more.
G4S Security, G4S Everhome - project management and consultancy. ilsoe media v. Rasmus Toft Ilsø
Working in an international NGO as a Digital Marketing Manager. Mobilization on a massive scale.
Graphic, photo, video. Multimedia. I do it all. And if you've found a weak spot, I have the network to fill in.
No digital idea is too big. Digital and online brainstorming and consulting. Contact me.

Rasmus Ilsø
online wizard & digital ninja

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